100% TFS Toolkit – Compliance Plan

Although each district may approach its 100% Tobacco-Free Schools policy differently, it is important to have a compliance plan in place before the policy is implemented. Click here for a 100% TFS model policy that includes detailed compliance guidelines. Or for specific details on how to proceed, click here to access From Policy to Practice: Guidelines for Implementing a 100% TFS Policy in your School District.


One person within each school district should be responsible for coordinating the compliance plan. This individual is usually a ranking school administrator, the Safe and Drug Free School Coordinator or the Healthful Living Coordinator. Additionally, each school principal should assign a local representative to oversee compliance with the policy at the individual school level. These compliance officers should support smoke-free environments, and work closely with the district-wide representative to implement strategies that will ensure compliance with your new 100% TFS policy.


A 100% TFS compliance plan is a comprehensive document that specifically:

  • includes strategies to communicate your school district's policy to all students, staff and visitors
  • outlines the consequences for violating the policy
  • establishes specific areas of schools that will be monitored
  • identifies people who will have responsibility for policy monitoring and compliance
  • provides ideas and resources for the training of monitors
  • establishes a process for handling complaints and all other issues that may arise.


Developing a compliance plan should be a priority even before your policy passes. By demonstrating a readiness to implement smoke-free environments, 100% TFS advocates earn credibility with school board members and school administrators.

Once the policy is passed, 100% TFS information should immediately be widely communicated to the school community in a variety of ways to ensure everyone gets the right, positive message.


The rules and expectations of your 100% TFS policy should be outlined clearly for students, staff and visitors. Employee and student handbooks, signage, letters to parents, announcements at events, and disclaimers on employment applications/contracts are just a few of the opportunities for where to communicate your message. Once people know about the 100% TFS policy, coordinators should work to ensure compliance everywhere - on all school property and at all school-sponsored events.


It is very important that policy compliance is applied uniformly to everyone at school-sponsored activities to ensure that everyone affected by the policy feels they are being treated fairly.

For guidance on what to do when someone violates the 100% TFS policy, click here or contact the State 100% Tobacco-Free Schools Director.

Modified from materials from the N.C. Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch and NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund.